The Spanish Labour Reform

Escrito el 8 junio 2012 por Law School en IE Law School News

With the occasion of the recent Spanish labour reform, IE Law School Executive Education held a Seminar on the New Spanish model of labor relations in the 21st Century. The event was sponsored by the Law Firm MLA Associates.

The opening of the seminar was chaired by Mr. Pedro Llorente, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, Mr. Nicolas Martín, Managing Partner of MLA Associates, and Mr. Carlos de la Pedraja, Director of IE Law School Executive Education.

All main changes of the Labour Reform were discussed during the event. Mr. Ignacio Hidalgo, Head of the Employment Practice of MLA Associates, explained the importance of these changes, which means a change of the mentality regarding the use of the flexibility measures of the labour relations. These measures enhance companies to adapt their structure to the current situation, being the contract termination the last resort. The effects of these measures when applied to big and medium size companies were also discussed.

Among the attendees there where professionals from both the legal and human resources sectors of different national and international companies.

The closing ceremony was led by Mr. José María Fidalgo, Chairman of Negocia Forum, IE Negociation and Mediation Centre, who shared his particular view about the recent reform.

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